Sun Trump

  • Sun Trump cold showcase industries Ltd. is specializing in the production of top fashionable refrigerated Show cases.
  • High transparency thermal insulating glasses are used, help food products look fresher and brighter, which make food products become more attractive.
  • We design for you, suit your shop style, make your shop space more comprehensive, and help you create a more personalized shop.
  • Precise humidity design maintains the freshness and taste of the food for longer time, due to continuous innovation.
  • Constant temperature design, when room temperature is 28°C, showcase can remain constant temperature between 3°C and 5°C, consequently the display showcase can constantly maintain the freshness of the food. Various temperatures can be customized depend to the features of the foods. As well as the category of display showcase.
  • Glass color and belt decoration style can be chosen to match your shop's tones that enhance aesthetics.
  • A variety of styles and sizes can be customized.
  • Thank you and wish you all the best for your business.